Signs that your digital marketing campaign is failing

failing digital marketing campaign

The worst nightmare for many business owners is that all of their investment into a digital marketing campaign is that it will fail. Failure means a lot of time and money wasted and may mean that you have to start from the beginning.

If you don’t know the ins and outs of search engine optimisation and pay per click methods, you may not even realise that you campaign is failing leaving it too late to avoid its disaster. Below we are going to look into some of the signs that may cause your SEO Australia campaign to fail and how to save it.

Rapid decline in visitors

A really good indication of success for your digital marketing campaign is the number of visitors you are getting on a daily basis. If you are using different channels for how visitors are finding your website, you want to be sure that you are checking up on them daily to see if any drastic changes have occurred.

The core different channels of how people find your website are through referrals, direct links, organic search results and paid avenues such as PPC. Make sure to look at them individually as well as collectively. A shift upwards or downwards from the collective doesn’t tell the whole story. The individual channels are highly likely to help explain what is going on and what caused your visitors to decrease.

Examples include, paid visitors dropping due to an expired credit card or the campaign being paused and forgot to be restarted. A dramatic drop in all channels could be from your website being black listed by Google for using black hat SEO efforts.

Low visitor engagement

While you may have a lot of visitors coming to your website, if they aren’t being turned into leads there may be a problem with your website itself. If this is to occur, likely signs include high bounce rates, low sessions times and a very low click through rate for your website.

Fixing this issue may involve looking into what search terms are being clicked through to your sight and seeing if they are actually relevant to your business or industry. Alternative methods could involve using heat maps of your website to see exactly how people are engaging with your website and improving areas that aren’t being addressed that you would like to be.

The wrong type of leads

While many people may say that any publicity is good publicity, you can have your time wasted from the wrong types of leads and questions coming through. Again this may come from the wrong search terms being used and consequently the wrong type of lead is attracted.

Attracting the wrong clientele means that somewhere on your website you haven’t specified what you actually do. Contact forms that have a drop down box of the services that you actually utilise can be an effective way to get around this as well placing a negative keyword list if you are using PPC.

The negative keyword list essentially means that if anyone searches for these terms, your ad will not show. This can also be implemented for geographical restrictions to further improve your campaign.