The First Step in Getting Your Home to Go Green

solar water heater

Did you know liquid heaters such as the hot water cylinder NZ represent the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions and is the most energy intensive appliance in an average Australian household? Living in the beautiful climate of Australia, it only makes sense to harness the clean, renewable and free supply of energy from the sun.  In addition with the ever-increasing gas and electricity costs, there has never been a better time to switch to a solar hot water system.

A solar hot water system utilizes panels on your roof to collect energy from the sun’s rays to heat liquid which flows into a storage tank, ready for use. There are many different types available and it is important to consider size when choosing which would be suitable for your family, climate, available space and aesthetic preferences.

Investing in a liquid heater make seem like a big decision, but it is the first step in embracing clean energy and will keep giving  back in the years to come. By replacing your traditional electric storage heater with a solar hot water system you will be able to reduce electricity consumption, environmental impact and increase the value of your property.


Reduce your energy bills

Solar hot water systems are the most cost effective way to heat liquid in your home. They are more expensive to buy and install, however the running costs are significantly lower. With electricity and gas prices rising, implementing an efficient heated h2o system will help you to reduce demand on electricity, and thus power usage bills up to 60%. This will result in you being able to enjoy your savings on an ongoing basis.

You can save even more with the government heated liquid rebates. When Australian households install a small scale renewable heated h2o system, they are eligible to receive a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to help with the initial purchase cost. Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are usually exchanged with retailers at point-of-sale and are generally considered rebates. The assignment levels depend on where you live.


Increase the value of your home

Unlike traditional heating that emit loud noises, a solar hot water system runs virtually noise-free. In addition they require minimal power to work, which makes them efficient, affordable and great investment for your home.


Live a more sustainable life

The cheapest and most environmentally friendly type of liquid heating to run is natural gas-boosted. This will help reduce your carbon footprint and emissions whilst maximizing the free energy from the sun.


Picking the right type of solar hot water system for you

When looking to replace or upgrade your traditional liquid heater with an alternative, it is critical to match your needs.  The right liquid heater for you and your property will be dependent on the climate in which you live in, liquid volume requirements and energy goals. If your storage tank is too small, you risk running out of h2o or if it is larger than what your household needs, energy will be wasted in storing excess heated liquid. Talk to a specialist who can advise you on the ideal solar hot water system for you.

In order to get a quote, suppliers usually need around 30 minutes to assess your home. Retail suppliers often have a wide range of products, so you will be able to receive a quote on a range of different types and models. Always get quotes from at least two suppliers. A solar hot water system’s price can range from $3000-7000, including installation and rebates.

How a PR Agency In Sydney Can Grow Your Customer Reach


Every organisation around the world needs to have advertisement. Advertising your business will allow for your name to get out into the world, promote special products, promote sales and try and display your business as a friendly and helpful company. Whether it be a sign placed outside your place a business or paid advertisements via ads on TV or radio. There are many paid ways to advertise your business. It is not well understood how to use methods of advertising that are basically free.

A reliable PR agency Sydney based firm can help you understand methods that can be used to achieve getting your name out there in the consumer world. The main job for them is to create effective communication between an organisation and it’s target audience. The target audience may be the media, the public or the consumers. When targeting an audience they need to understand what the needs and interests are of the audience. Then and only then can they tailor a message that is relevant to that specific audience.



To create a positive view of an organization a PR agency in Sydney will start to establish trusted relationships with well known sources. These sources come in the form of media outlets. Whether it be social media, blog websites or places that offer free interviews. Having trusted sources ensures that the source displays your business in a positive light.

Another method that a PR agency in Sydney uses is something called messaging. This is creating a consistent story. This is done to remove the confusion when it comes to a business or service, allowing the targeted audience to understand what it is that you are offering. Having a clear message also draws in a customer because they don’t have to try to figure out a puzzle just so they can access information about your services.


An expert at a PR agency in Sydney will also use social media marketing. This is a form of digital marketing making use of technologies like search engines, new media relations, blogging and social media. They are able to utilize multiple platforms at once. By understanding how technology is evolving for multiple uses (for example mobile phones being used for phone calls, messaging, internet shopping, blogging, video watching, you name it you do it) they can expand their advertisement base, allowing a message to be vastly spread.

By utilising the data collected by likes and comments etc. the PR agency in Sydney can track engagement, measure the impression that have been left, measure how much your business has been mentioned and ultimately measure the reach of the campaign.


There are several tactics that will be used by a PR agency in Sydney. They include:

Financial – this is done by communicating your financial information and business strategy to the targeted audience. This creates trust with your audience and also allows them to understand more about your business

Consumer – this is where a product or service is promoted. Drawing to attention to a specific product can gain interest from your audience which ultimately creates curiosity.

They will also maintain communication within the business itself which cuts out the confusion allowing a clear message to be relayed. They will engage government departments, maintain media relations and also in house, which is the communication between entertainment and production companies with the media.

All these methods are put in place in hopes to boost the popularity of your business, bringing a positive view and all done in an almost free advertising way. They can reach factors that paid advertisement simply cannot.

How to Choose the Ideal Pair of Designer Glasses

glasses online

Eyewear serves a dual function in both improving/protecting our vision as well as adding a sophisticated visual appeal that associated with creativity and intelligence. As you can imagine, eyewear is a lucrative industry and you’ve no doubt been tempted to pick out a beautiful pair of designer glasses.

However, choosing the ideal pair of designer glasses to suit your style, face shape and personal preferences can be tricky if you don’t have much experience shopping for them. There’s a nearly endless range of choices out there at it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the equally amazing options.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you narrow down your choice for that perfect set of designer glasses.


Get an up-to-date prescription

Before you rush out to go buy your new pair of amazing designer glasses, you need to make sure that you have a current and accurate prescription from your optometrist. This will ensure that you get a pair of specs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are the perfect visual aid that truly overcomes your visual impairment as much as possible.


Choose a style that suits your face shape

The most important thing to consider when shopping for designer glasses is that there are several different styles you can choose from. Each of these styles will frame your face differently and some designs may be more flattering to you than others.

For example, if you have a very round shaped face then it is best to go with pair that is wider at the bottom than at the top. This will help to elongate your face so that it appears straighter when you’re wearing your designer glasses.

In the reverse, someone with an elongated face can benefit from rounded specs that bring some softness to the angularity of their features. It’s all about compensating for your natural face shape.

If you are unsure of what style of spectacles suits your face type, talk to your optometrist. They will be able to recommend a few different styles you can try.


glasses stylish


Choose a colour that expresses your personality

The next step when shopping for designer glasses is to decide on a colour you want. Depending on how you’re going to use your new pair of specs you may have more or less freedom in this department.

If you’re a busy office worker who needs to maintain an air of professionalism, especially if you need to meet clients, then its best to go with neutral colours that match with your attire. However, if you’re a student or work in a more creative industry, you can probably get away with a pair of specs that has a more elaborate colour scheme.

If you’re going with something more colourful, think about keeping it colour coordinated with your outfits. However, a splash of random colour in your spectacles can actually contrast very well against almost any kind of outfit.


glasses for men


Choose a colour that matches your skin tone

While we all know that face shape has an important role to play in choosing the perfect pair of designer glasses, so does the tone of your skin. Skin tone can actually be more important than hair colour and eye colour when it comes to the suitability of your new pair of specs.

Warm skin tones should stay away from pastels and other contrasting colours. Black or white frames are also not very flattering on this skin tone. It’s best to go with light brown shades, beige, olive green, gold or honey.

Cooler skin tones should avoid picking frames that have colours that wash out their complexion. It’s best to go with black, purple, blue, silver or grey frames that compliment your natural shade.

How Disability Housing Provides Assistance

group of people on their wheelchairs

The NDIS accommodation has been giving many services to provide help with everyday living for those who need help with daily tasks. Some of the partners that they work with offer support in many fields. One of these is disability housing.

They aim to provide safe accommodation with a range of independence, social and economic support for all that are accessing the services. They allow their residence to make their own choices and will support them to achieve their goals.

Residence of disability housing has access to many partners aimed to support the physical and mentally disabled. This is to provide as much support as possible. The support ranges from cerebral palsy support to mental health support. They can aid you with many services such as seeking work, psychologists, and psychiatrists, help with living with your condition, teaching life skills and many more.

NDIS accommodation offers those with physical and mental disabilities help to obtain suitable accommodation with specialists to assist with daily tasks. Whether it be for showering, cooking, cleaning, therapy or counselling. Anything that you need they will assist as best as they can.

By using the online home locator you can search for suitable accommodation in specific locations or by services they have available. The online service additionally allows for accommodation providers to match the vacancy to eligible persons. It is a complimentary service that you can use without registering if you would like to carry out a general search or register for full user access.



Some of the available services include:

– Support to build a person’s capacity to live independently

– Support to help improve standard living skills

– Help grasping how to manage money

– Help to acquire essential household management

– Learn social and communication skills

Learn behavior management

– Medications delivered to the person’s residence

– Support with personal care

– Help with household maintenance

– Help with daily household chores

All of this is provided in hopes to improve a person’s daily and long-term well-being.

Accommodation services available:

– Social and community houses

– Homelessness accommodation

– Emergency accommodation

– Rental assistance


By connected clients to the proper services, you can improve their lives by the large-scale. It brings independence and confidence reducing anxiety and depression.

Accommodation provided by disability housing service will be modified if needed to suit the needs of the residence. All nurses and carers will possess the proper qualifications ensuring the residents receive the care that they need to enjoy a quality life.

NDIS accommodation provides both single accommodation for persons eligible to live independently with the adequate services and carers available, and they additionally provide Community accommodation, allowing you to live with others who are living with a similar condition as you.

Disability housing is also accepting companies wishing to provide accommodation. It is a great investment to make where you will be aiding those who are in tremendous need of assistance and appreciate all that you are providing for them.


Some of the conditions that they can provide accommodation in assistance with:

  • Autoimmune disorders – rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis
  • Digestive disorders – Crohn’s disease, hepatitis
  • Mental disorders – ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, addiction, PTSD, schizophrenia and psychosis
  • Musculoskeletal impairments – degenerative disc disorder, scoliosis, fibromyalgia
  • Cancer – all types of cancer
  • Neurological disorders – seizures, traumatic brain injury
  • Senses – hearing impaired, vision impaired
  • Respiratory – sleep apnea, asthma


These are some of the conditions that can access accommodation and receive further help. If you believe you are eligible for help or you know someone who may be eligible, give disability housing a call today.


Some of the Cool Things Sydney Demolition Contractors Get to Do


The wrecking trade is both a multi-billion dollar business and an extreme-spectator sport. Razing has probably been around for as long as humans have been building structures – it pretty much goes hand in hand with construction. Sydney demolition contractors arguably get the fun end of the stick, tearing down buildings with wrecking balls and using explosives to blow things up (though it isn’t always all fun and games).

Certain factors are taken into consideration before selecting a method of destruction. These include the location of the building, what materials the structure is made of, and the purpose of the job. As an example, blowing up a set of apartments in a busy urban area might not be the safest idea.


Here are some of the ways you can knock down a building:


One of the most visually impressive methods of dismantling a building is via implosion. A blaster crew at Sydney demolition contractors use explosives to break down the structure’s primary supports, which results in the building falling upon itself. It is essential for safety and success that the explosives are placed in the correct areas and that the detonation occurs in the right sequence. This technique is generally used for large structures.

Before the big event, the team of Sydney demolition contractors must examine the structural blueprints to determine the major areas of the building which need to be detonated. From this point, they then choose which explosives to use, where to place them and how to time the detonation.


demolition site


Wrecking ball

This is also quite a dramatic way of taking down a building. Perhaps slightly more old-fashioned than implosion, the wrecking ball is a heavy (think over 6000kg), steel ball suspended on a chain by a crane. It is dropped or swung repeatedly into a structure, crushing it.

It takes a lot of skill on the part of Sydney demolition contractors to operate a wrecking ball as it can be extremely dangerous. Missing the target could cause the crane to tip over, or risk hitting something (or someone!) else. The size of the structure that can be taken down depends on the height of the crane.


Strip out

This is a selective form of razing which is becoming increasingly popular due to the ability to reuse and recycle a structure’s materials. The selective razing of things such as wood, metals, concrete and bricks both inside and outside the building can help to save money and also look trendy when combined with new buildings. The aim of this method is to salvage as much reusable and recyclable material as possible in the safest and most effective way. It is, however, quite a time and labour intensive method.


High reach arm

This is a less excessive substitute to implosion for tall buildings. It uses a base machine (e.g. an excavator) complete with a long arm with a tool such as a crusher or a hammer at the end of it. This is used to tear down the building from top to bottom. The machine and its operator does all the work, and then a team of Sydney demolition contractors sort out the debris for disposal at the end.

This method is considered to be a safer alternative to the wrecking ball for tall buildings. It can also be used on materials such as steel, concrete and masonry.



Sydney demolition contractors get to do some pretty exciting work, though it can be dangerous. If you’re lucky enough to get to watch a live wrecking ball or implosion demonstration, enjoy it!

The Advantages Of Using Data Analytics Solutions

In todays digitalized world customers are able to use the internet to view and buy products. Every view, every order and visits to certain links can create data that you company can use to improve the experience that a customer will receive, increase profits and sales and improve on many other aspects of a business. This data is sourced from the digital world including video’s, blogs and social network sites, as well as the data produced by the business itself.


Because customers share their data, they expect businesses to know what it is that a consumer really wants. Data analytics solutions gather all the information allowing business managers to understand the data that has been collected more clearly. By using this system it removes the clutter and combines the data into legible information. Doing so allows your business to anticipate the needs and wants of the consumers so you can deliver the relevant products instead of wasting shelf space and money on products that are never going to sell, and drawing customers in by having the range of products they desire.


By using data analytics solutions, you are able to collect data in real time allowing you to respond to customers who have used digital technology almost instantly. It also uses the data collected from the individual customer giving you the opportunity to respond in a personalized way. These methods make your customers feel valued. A valued customer is sure to use your products and services again.


analytics graph


Data analytics solutions are also able to use your data to help improve processes within a business itself. There are many processes that can be improved by understanding your data. Time management, product management processes, staff efficiency and fraud detection to name a few. By using your data in real time you are able to improve processes within a business to increase profits, save time, manage all staff, make sure stocks are available and relevant and reduce risks such as fraud, theft and product loss.


Data analytics can improve all businesses providing products or services to the consumer world. Whether it be medical, automotive, food sales, legal or any other product or service that can be offered. All companies compile data and every company will have consumers who want to have their say.


analytics line graph


By reading your data correctly you will have multiple near term benefits. For example, you are able to attract, gain and keep customers by being able to understand the data faster and implementing changes as soon as possible. By reading data faster you are also able to improve financially as you can detect and anticipate where improvements and changes need to be made.


Using real time data with online purchasing or ordering allows for the system to detect fraudulent patterns by using internal sources alongside external sources. Each year billions of dollars are lost to fraudulent activity. No company is immune to fraud. If you make money then there is a chance you can loose money to fraud. By adopting a software that can analyse your data in real time you can almost eradicate fraud altogether.


In the long term you can completely change the face of your operations. Expanding on your consumer base and offering the product or services that is most desired. Your business can run smoothly by using data analytics to analyze this data and predicting future wants and trends, helping you understand the consumer base in ways that would not be possible without the use of data.


So if you are finding that you are losing consumers to the competition, have stock disappearing or have an un-organized, out of control workspace you might find this to be extremely beneficial to the growth and development of your company.


6 Reasons to Take Dance Classes in Sydney


People of all ages and genders can enjoy the rewards of taking dance classes in Sydney. From improved fitness to making new friends, there are so many ways that taking lessons can benefit your life. Read on for great 6 reasons to start lessons:


Stronger social life

If your social network is currently lacking, taking dance classes in Sydney may help. It allows you to meet new people from all walks of life; and as the term progresses, you’ll get to develop positive relationships with your teammates. Learning and working together allows you to build a strong bond, and by the end of your lessons, you’re sure to have made lots of great new friends!


Build your fitness

Dance classes in Sydney are a foolproof way to develop your fitness levels and burn off any unwanted weight. Salsa dancing, for instance, burns nearly an incredible 1700kj an hour. Lessons will get your heart-rate going, improve your overall health and will help to build muscle strength. Studies have shown that getting your groove on helps to build stronger bones and reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis. If you have a health condition you’re concerned about, speak to your doctor to see if dancing is right for you.




Improve coordination, flexibility and balance

The exercise has also been found by researchers to improve balance, flexibility and coordination. It helps you to better control your muscles and hand-eye coordination, as well as increasing your range of motion. Who doesn’t want that!?


Develop self-confidence

Taking dance classes in Sydney is a wonderful way to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. For those with body-image concerns, the practice and supportive environment can help you learn to love and accept your body as it is. Additionally, becoming fitter and developing a new skill can also help you to feel good about yourself. If you feel awkward around the idea of boogying, practicing and getting better at it can help you to reconsider yourself in a more positive light.



Reduce stress

There’s nothing like some good music and moving your body to make you feel amazing! Dancing helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and release feel-good endorphins. So if you’ve got a lot of pent-up stress from work or family issues, dance classes in Sydney may be the perfect way to release it. It allows you to let go of thoughts and stressors and be fully present in the moment, enjoying the experience. Taking lessons regularly ensures that you get to relieve stress frequently.


Have fun

The practice is also a lot of fun! We’re not really sure why, but there’s something about moving along to music that is supremely enjoyable. It also allows you to express yourself creatively in a supportive environment, whether it be through costume, performance style or choice of music. Fun is such an important part of life, so ensure that you make time for it. Bringing along a friend or partner can also help you to let loose and have fun.


Heal from injury

This one may sound odd; why would you want to aggravate an injury by exercising? While the rest and recovery period is important, there comes a point where not moving may actually make things worse. Ensure that your instructor is aware of your injury and is willing to help you recover. This may mean you might need a shorter lesson, or that you should avoid certain moves for the time being. But given that your doctor has given you the green light, this may help you to heal your injury.

Signs that your digital marketing campaign is failing

failing digital marketing campaign

The worst nightmare for many business owners is that all of their investment into a digital marketing campaign is that it will fail. Failure means a lot of time and money wasted and may mean that you have to start from the beginning.

If you don’t know the ins and outs of search engine optimisation and pay per click methods, you may not even realise that you campaign is failing leaving it too late to avoid its disaster. Below we are going to look into some of the signs that may cause your SEO Australia campaign to fail and how to save it.

Rapid decline in visitors

A really good indication of success for your digital marketing campaign is the number of visitors you are getting on a daily basis. If you are using different channels for how visitors are finding your website, you want to be sure that you are checking up on them daily to see if any drastic changes have occurred.

The core different channels of how people find your website are through referrals, direct links, organic search results and paid avenues such as PPC. Make sure to look at them individually as well as collectively. A shift upwards or downwards from the collective doesn’t tell the whole story. The individual channels are highly likely to help explain what is going on and what caused your visitors to decrease.

Examples include, paid visitors dropping due to an expired credit card or the campaign being paused and forgot to be restarted. A dramatic drop in all channels could be from your website being black listed by Google for using black hat SEO efforts.

Low visitor engagement

While you may have a lot of visitors coming to your website, if they aren’t being turned into leads there may be a problem with your website itself. If this is to occur, likely signs include high bounce rates, low sessions times and a very low click through rate for your website.

Fixing this issue may involve looking into what search terms are being clicked through to your sight and seeing if they are actually relevant to your business or industry. Alternative methods could involve using heat maps of your website to see exactly how people are engaging with your website and improving areas that aren’t being addressed that you would like to be.

The wrong type of leads

While many people may say that any publicity is good publicity, you can have your time wasted from the wrong types of leads and questions coming through. Again this may come from the wrong search terms being used and consequently the wrong type of lead is attracted.

Attracting the wrong clientele means that somewhere on your website you haven’t specified what you actually do. Contact forms that have a drop down box of the services that you actually utilise can be an effective way to get around this as well placing a negative keyword list if you are using PPC.

The negative keyword list essentially means that if anyone searches for these terms, your ad will not show. This can also be implemented for geographical restrictions to further improve your campaign.

Health Benefits of Dates


1. Extremely Nutritious: Dates have a brilliant nourishment profile. Since they’re dried, their calorie content is higher than most natural producst. The calorie substance of dates is similar to other dried natural products, for example, raisins and figs. The majority of the calories in dates originate from carbs. The rest are from a little measure of protein. Dates are high in antioxidants, which may add to their medical advantages

2. Treat Anaemia: Dates have a high mineral substance, which is important for the wellbeing of the individual. The high level of iron in dates, make them an ideal dietary supplement for individuals who have been diagnosed with anaemia. The rich amount of iron in dates substitutes the inborn absence of iron in weak patients, expanding vitality and quality while diminishing the feeling of weakness and laziness.


3. High in Fibre: Getting enough fibre is critical for your health and well- being. With just about 7 grams of fibre in a 3.5-ounce serving, incorporating dates in your eating regimen is a good method to build your fibre intake. Moreover, the fibre in dates is useful for glucose control. Fibre moderates absorption and may help keep glucose levels from spiking too high after eating.

4. High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants : Dates give different antioxidants that have various medical advantages to offer. Antioxidants shield your cells from free radicals.Contrasted with comparative sorts of organic product, for example, figs and dried plums, dates seem to have the most noteworthy antioxidants content. Some of the antioxidants found in dates are:-Flavonoids ,Carotenoids, Phenolic acid etc.

5. Fix Allergies : One of the most intriguing features of dates is the existence of natural sulfur in them. This is not a common basic component that one discovers in nourishments, however it has a larg measure of medical advantages, including the decrease allergic reactions and seasonal allergies. According to an examination done in 2002, natural sulfur mixes can positively affect the measure of problems individuals encounter from SAR (Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis), which influences roughly 23 million individuals in the United States alone.

6. Natural Sweetener: Dates contain fructose, which is the kind of sugar found in natural products. Dates are sweet and furthermore have an inconspicuous caramel-like taste. They work as a solid substitute for white sugar in your daily commodities as it contains multiple health advantages. The most ideal approach to substitute dates for white sugar is to a paste from dates. It is made by blending dates with water in a blender. A good option is to substitute date paste for the same amount of sugar that your meal requires. It is imperative to take note of the fact that in spite of the fact that dates are high in fiber and supplements, they are still high in calories and best taken accordingly.

Health and beauty tips

health and beauty

There are many health and beauty tips that most ladies like. People have different routines and different habits. Here are some of the health and beauty tips that might interest you to invest time in yourself.

Daily beauty habits


Staying hydrated is important. Many things can be used to hydrate your body. The benefits of drinking enough water are enormous. According to health professionals, you are supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Different types of hydration include drinking flavoured water or essence water. You can cut citrus fruits like grapefruit and orange and use that to hydrate your body. Drinking water helps to keep your body temperature constant while you exercise. Drink green tea; it will detox your body and help with weight loss.

Oral health

When you brush your teeth, it is essential that you clean it at least three times a day. Brush your teeth after breakfast, after lunch and after supper. Remember to floss every day as it gets rid of all the old bacteria in your mouth. You can make toothpaste. Use half a measure of baking soda, mix it with half a ratio of coconut oil. Put a few drops of peppermint oil into the mix and stir well. You can store this in a fridge. It lasts for more than three weeks. Make use of mouthwash it keeps your breath fresh and will make you feel confident when you are interacting with people.

Washing your face

wash your face

Wash your face day and night. Get rid of the dirt in your pores. Washing your face helps you to keep it clean. Always have a good cleaning regime before bedtime. Clean off all the old makeup at night.

Healthy skincare

Moisturize your body after every shower. You will get the most beautiful skin. Make very sure to use natural moisturisers as your skin absorbs a lot of the product. You can also drybrush your legs and the rest of your body. Dry brushing is an excellent way to help your circulation. Invest in anti-ageing products. When you become older, you will be thankful for it. Remember to rub some of the skincare onto your neck area. If you enjoy being in the sun use products to protect your skin against sun damage. Wash your hair every second day. Use hair treatments often.

Exercise regularly

Try to be active every morning. Walking or jogging to get your heart pumping. Join a gym or do home exercises. It will tone your body and keep the excess weight off.

Eat healthily

Eat healthy every day. Substitute lousy eating habits for healthy food options. Stop snacking on the wrong snacks. Drink vitamins.
Get organised, plan your day. Put down your phone and spend quality time with friends and family!