Why Your Business Needs Workplace Flu Vaccinations

When it’s chilly outside and we’re well into the winter months it common to start to hear about the spread of influenza.  Each year the effects of this nasty viral illness are felt throughout Australia  – it’s already looking to be bumper year with record numbers of reported cases and deaths as a result of the illness! Unsurprisingly it is no joke and has a major impact on businesses each year.

Companies are impacted by absenteeism, loss of productivity and the spread of illness every year to the tune of millions of dollars.

Employees suffer and are at risk of contracting illness and germs from co-workers, which they might then take home and pass on to their family and friends.

It therefore just makes logical sense for employers to implement Corporate Care workplace flu vaccination programs. There are a number of key reasons that every business should have them in place, if you’re not sure why then read on below.


Saves your business money in the long-run

Workplace flu vaccinations are a fraction of the cost to businesses that lost productivity and absentee staff can represent. The expense for the company is minimal in comparison to the impact of having many staff ill and out of the office at the same time. Influenza shots only require merely a couple of moments of your worker’s time and can be conducted within the office so no travel time is required. The shots will be delivered by a trained nurse and each injection takes only a few seconds, ensuring there is no disruption to your employees work day. Best of all health information and consent forms can be managed ahead of your workplace flu vaccinations day to further reduce disruptions on the day.

Injections against illness are thoroughly tested and have shown to be powerful  in cutting back the probability of contracting the disease, sometimes by up to 50%. It’s easy to see how this can have incredible benefits to company profits over the course of a year.


Company obligation to employees


Implementing programs to help to guard and protect employees health and wellness is an important part of corporate responsibility. Employers have a duty of care to their workers and must try to ensure a safe, healthy workplace for their staff members. Beyond that the relationship and connection between healthy, happy employees and productivity in the work environment is well established. Workplace flu vaccinations is an excellent way to engender goodwill from employees.

A good workplace flu vaccination program can be a draw and a nice bonus for employees. Most companies are becoming increasingly aware that it takes more than just a weekly pay packet to keep the best talent engaged. The best people are shopping around more and looking for additional benefits outside of salary. Companies that recognise the holistic needs of their most important resource and offer health and wellness benefits position themselves to attract the best people and create a great culture.


It’s super easy for businesses to do

It’s really easy to manage a workplace vaccination program, all the hard work is done for you! All companies need to do is pick a day and let their employees know. If you want to make everything as quick and easy as possible them make sure you have a meeting room reserved or a private space set up and ready to go so that the nurse can get going right away.

Workplace flu vaccinations are an absolute essential if you want to do everything you can to protect your business and employees over the winter months.