Why you Should Enjoy the Supermarket when Abroad


Okay, so everyone wants their vacation to be super fun and extra ordinary, and one would definitely not give supermarket a thought. But if you approach the thought with as much enthusiasm and curiosity, you will open a door for exploration and exciting discoveries and insights.

The following reasons might change your mind for not going in one:


  • Integral cultural experience

Learning about the culture of any country is not only about exploring it’s history, witnessing the main sites and enjoying the colourful traditions. Having a short glimpse into local supermarket will make you learn a lot more. Food is absolutely a unique and thoughtful way to know the differences or even similarities that lies across two borders. Walk down the supermarket aisle and explore tiny quirks and what do people like and dislike. See the varieties of ramen noodles, or infinite choices for are in Columbia, or if Peruvians really like eating so many kinds of potatoes. As they say, you are what you eat, so check out what the people of that country eat and what are they like.


  • Fun way to learn the language

Observing and going through the items will not only help you later in the restaurant when you order food, but will also make you more interactive and will expand your vocabulary. Know what you call corn in French or certain vegetables in Dutch.


  • Pick up those amazing souvenirs

It definitely is a good choice to buy gifts from; in fact one should visit these amazing supermarkets before leaving for home. That is probably because you can then fill up your bags with mouth watering goodies to take back home. Be it those impeccable local pastries or specialities like liquors and brews would certainly make your friends happy.


  • You discover incredible food


Who wouldn’t want that? After all we all live for food. Also you won’t be able to do so by just going to few restaurants and checking it on the menu. Seeing the packages and ingredients involved in those special cookies from Sweden is much more fascinating. Be it more than 450 cheeses from France, or Spain’s cured meat, or that Thailand tropical fruit will surely give you chills, as you walk down the supermarket aisle.


  • You ultimately connect to people

You don’t just ogle the food in the supermarket, but also see chirpy people around who are deciding what’s to be made for dinner. If certain items, or creams, or let’s say caramel cheese giving you a hard time to understand, then talking to someone next to you would always be a good idea. He/she would then help you further in choosing what’s best and what would probably impress your granny back home.


  • The senses are elevated

Supermarkets such as Coles is a place where your senses are really engaged as you smell both cooked and raw items see the wonderful colours of certain products and also hear haggling of people over prices. So doesn’t matter where you are, checking out the local supermarket of that place will always be exhilarating.