Why You Should Consider Constructing Your Own House

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Many of us are motivated by our dream house. The idea of being able to retire and live the rest of your life in the house that you always wanted is often a dream many of us possess. So, if you are in a healthy financial position and wish to set your plans in motion, you’ll definitely want to get in contact with your local home builders in Perth like Collier Homes, as they will certainly be able to design your dream house to your satisfaction. While it is really important to plan before construction, there are actually many advantages of designing your own house with new home builders in Perth. So, what are some of the advantages?


Save some money

It’s important to note that it won’t always be cheaper to construct your own dream house. However, if you make some savvy decisions, you can actually save some money during construction. Indeed, this can be attributed to the fact that you can save a lot on real estate fees. Likewise, you can always do your research on the cheapest construction companies in your area. There’s nothing wrong with a little negotiating to try and barter down the price. However, don’t always go for the cheapest of the home builders in Perth – do your research on all options first, before making any major decisions.


More creative control over design

Put simply, consulting with  Collier Homes means you will get the house you always wanted. Likewise, it also gives you a great level of control over the design of your new house. Convene with your architects and house planners so they know exactly what you want and how best to go about it. It could be anything from a large, open kitchen to an indoor pool. You might finally get the classic Australian wrap-around veranda you always dreamed of! Overall, designing and constructing your own house with your chosen home builders in Perth means you are getting everything you have ever wanted in a house.


Ongoing savings

Designing your own house with home builders in Perth can actually present long-term, ongoing savings. Indeed, many new houses are designed with in-built features that allow the owners to save money on power, electricity and water bills. Indeed, your dream house could be fitted with nifty little additions, like ventilation panels, which could help you reduce your air conditioning bills over time.


Less competition for land

If you’re looking to constructing your own house, you can also benefit from less competition. On top of this, land prices in WA have been slowly falling. Most people look for established properties, meaning vacant land spots are not an option. Therefore, you can tap into a market of vacant land, where there is far less competition and more room to negotiate a lower price. Regional land prices are generally cheaper as well, so if you’re not too fussed about being close to the city centre, sit down with your home builders in Perth and ask them about moving more regional to tap into a plethora of vacant land.


The drawbacks?

Like every financial decision, there will always be a few drawbacks. Remember that constructing your own house with home builders in Perth will mean you can’t move in straight away. However, if time isn’t a worry, then this isn’t a concern. Likewise, it’s also important to note that you need to be smart about which contractors you hire and create smart, accurate expenditure budgets. The last thing you want is spiraling costs or to burn a good chunk of your budget before the house has even been completed.