Key Features Offered By a Fronius Inverter

The multi award winning Fronius inverter from Sol Distribution remains one of the premium items of choice for home and business owners looking for a quality solar system outlet.

Although the competition is increasing in the green energy sector, this inverter has a track record that is the envy of its peers.

Complete with a 5-year warranty that can be extended to 20 years, the key features are hard to ignore when scouring the market for a suitable system.


Longer Lifespans

One of the major concerns with these products as a rule is the continual use with the voltage fluctuating through the item, a process that can diminish the lifespan if the technology is not up to speed. The Fronius inverter from Sol Distribution was one of the first creations in the industry that didn’t suffer from this issue, providing an outlet that allowed the modules to turn off automatically when there input is non-existent. This neat little feature might appear to be just detail and not a significant attribute on the surface, but this innovation has added years to the lifespan of the investment as the internal components are not running at high volume throughout all four seasons of the year.


High Efficiency Rate

Extensive studies have been undertaken to determine the quality of various solar outlets in this industry. Some provide decent returns even in overcast conditions that are less than ideal for these investments. Then there is the Fronius inverter from Sol Distribution, a unit that has been reported to deliver a 98% efficiency rating. Even in the event that the conditions are poor and not suitable for solar consumption, the yield rating remains at high as any product of its peers. That means the consumer is getting the most out of the system at all times.


Local Customer Service

Although the product itself is made at its home base in Austria, the brand has a foothold across various continents including North America and Australia. That is a major asset for the Fronius inverter as customers can talk direct to installers on the ground and converse via phone calls and emails to troubleshoot. Whilst there are only seldom examples of faults or damage, there can be occasional technical glitches that are easily fixed by the local customer service team in Australia.


Flexibility of System Choice

From the grid-connected Fronius inverter to the hybrid models, there is a flexibility of choice for consumers who will have their own unique specifications for their premises. With the former there are stocks that can range from 1.5kw up to 27kw depending on the power supply requirements. Additional Fronius systems can be sought after when connected to the grid, including the Eco, the Primo, Symo or Galvo. The hybrid products on the other hand range from 3 to 5kw in size, giving the home or business owner the option of storing extra energy inside a battery for later use.


Digital Remote Control

The online portal and app inclusion for the Fronius inverter removes any need for participants to continually venture to the product and be present physically for any diagnostic testing. This can be seen with the Solar.web app which allows for a real time performance analysis to take place where the input and output levels are checked. It is also the best method to engage local customer service representatives if an inquiry needs to be lodged with the company.



The Fronius inverter brand has been synonymous with offering products that are at the cutting edge of solar energy innovation. The Austrian company has made sustainability and community core components of their business model, leading the way for competitors and peers to follow in their footsteps. Given the range of features provided by the outlet, it remains the option of choice for solar power users locally.