Your Guide to Save the Date Cards

save the date

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. However, in order for the event to go off without a hitch, a lot of planning is involved. Leaving everything to the last minute simple is not an option and one of the best ways to get ahead is to create save the date cards. Indeed, these invitations can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that your wedding falls on a day and time that suits you perfectly. This will also reduce a lot of stress leading up to your wedding service. So, if you’re about to start planning a wedding, make sure you consider these tips if you choose to send out save the date cards.


Why you might need save the date cards

The purpose of these invitations is to inform your guests well in advance as to the specific day and time of your wedding. You might want to have your wedding on a day that is incredibly popular, so locking down that time letting everyone know ASAP is critical. It could be over the Easter weekend or around the end of the year, which is always a busy time for everyone. Christmas celebrations, Boxing Day, New Years’ Eve and New Years’ Day: the notion of scheduling a wedding around this time could be simply too much. However, if you’re set on having your wedding during this time, you’ll simply need save the date cards to help ensure that you get as many guests attending as possible.


save the date cardsWhen?

There is no specific day or time before your wedding when you must send out your save the date cards. Generally, it is a matter of discretion. If you’re looking at a function centre or a hosting venue that is very popular, you’ll probably want to get in touch with them well in advance to guarantee your preferred day and time. Most wedding planners suggest sending invitations out approximately six months before the day. Start checking out available designs a few weeks before hand and then, once you’ve chosen a style that both you and your partner like, mail them out!


The benefits

A lot of people probably think that save the date cards are unnecessary. For a smaller-scale wedding, they probably aren’t necessary because if it is just close family and friends, then chances are they will reschedule any clashing commitments to ensure they can attend. On the other hand, if you’re planning on having a larger wedding, then they should definitely be a consideration. If you want as many people to attend your wedding as possible, then notifying your guest list of the day and time well in advance is crucial in maximizing your numbers. If you have a dream of having a massive wedding with hundreds of people, save the date cards are a must.

Wedding notifications can also be really helpful if your guests need to make any specific arrangements. You might decide on having a destination wedding, possibly somewhere in the Bahamas or a nice little spot on the coast of Queensland. Let your guests know well in advance so they can make any necessary travel arrangements, like flights, accommodation or nanny services if they have children.


Save the date cards are also really important in building excitement for your wedding. You want your wedding to be fun, enjoyable and relaxing for all your guests. Include a nice story, anecdote or pictures of you and your partner as a way of building a sense of anticipation for your upcoming nuptials. They can also be a great way of doing something a little more casual and different. For the most part, proper wedding invitations are generally very formal and polished. Save the date cards can be a bit more casual and carefree. On top of this, they don’t have to match the design or style of your wedding invitations, which you’ll generally send out closer to the day. In fact, they can be different if you choose.



If you have a fairly relaxed wedding budget, then sending out your save the date cards to all your invited guests is probably the safest bet. If you’re looking to spare some cash, however, just send them out to your guests with families or those who are isolated. Why? Because they’ll need more time to prepare for the wedding ceremony and they’ll appreciate you giving them more time to do so.



You can check out various styles of save the date cards online. These websites will allow you to play around with some of the styles, including the colour scheme. If you want something personalized, consult a designer of wedding letters in order to get exactly what you want. If you don’t have the time and don’t really mind too much, just pick out one of their prescribed designs.