What You Need to Know About Rubbish Removal

From disposing of garden waste to getting rid of the junk in your garage, discarding one’s trash continues to be an essential part of day-to-day life. rubbish removal Sydney services help to make this easier by doing the hard work for you. They are convenient, cost-effective, experienced and dedicated to recycling wherever possible, making them the optimal choice in waste disposal services.

So how do they work, and what exactly do they offer? Here’s the lowdown:


How it works

When you’ve got trash piled up, you have a few options. You could put it in one of your council bins, but they tend to fill up pretty quickly. You could hire a skip bin, but they’re dirty and time-consuming and involve you having to fill it up yourself. Hiring a rubbish removal service is the most popular option as it involves having trained staff come to your property, put your trash in their truck and take it away to be recycled or placed in landfill.


Types of waste removed

Rubbish removal services can dispose of a wide range of trash, including:


Liquid waste includes contaminated water (i.e. with cleaning chemicals or dirty clothes/dishes), organic liquids, waste detergents and rainwater. These can often be disposed of using a waste truck service.


Solid waste tends to be found in households and industrial locations. It typically consists of the following:

  • Paper: Such as newspaper, cardboard and packaging. Paper can easily be recycled.
  • Metals: Things like tins, electronic devices and building waste can often be recycled.
  • Glass: Glass can be recycled with ease.
  • Furniture: Including items such as couches, beds and bookshelves. Furniture disposal is a major reason why people enlist the services of a waste truck, as it is heavy and difficult to remove yourself.
  • Plastics: Including bottles, bags, packaging, containers, toys and more. Many types of plastics can be recycled.

plastic bottles


Organic waste includes food and garden waste. While organic waste degrades over time and turns into manure, it should not be disposed of anywhere. It should be properly disposed of in a green bin or using a waste truck.


The benefits of a waste truck

garbage trucks

The main advantages that rubbish removal services have over other disposal options are:


Rubbish removal services are probably cheaper than you think they are. And they also save you money that would otherwise be spent hiring a truck or ute, paying for petrol and missing work to load and transport the waste.


Rubbish removal services make getting rid of junk easy and save you the hassle of having to do it yourself. Staff can work unsupervised when you’re not at home in order to get the job done fast. They are often available at short notice so that you don’t have to wait days or weeks to have your property clean and tidy.

Items are appropriately recycled

Did you know that recycling just 1 ton of paper can save 17 trees from being cut down? Unfortunately however, most waste that can be recycled tends to not get recycled, ending up in landfill or polluting oceans and streets instead. Waste truck staff will ensure that recyclable items are properly recycled so that they can be transformed into new products and limit the need for extracting new raw materials.



A clean environment is crucial for feeling relaxed and content. Rubbish removal services can take the stress out of a messy yard by getting rid of the things you don’t need so that you can make space for the things you want.