Tips For Finding Healthy Takeaway in Pyrmont

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Living in the city can pressurise residents to settle for unhealthy and simple eating habits that do no favour to the waistline.

Walking or driving up to a fast food outlet is cheap, easy and open 24/7 to make it a convenient option despite the obvious anxieties about the properties of the product.

The good news for those based in the CBD and Inner West of Sydney is that access to fresh produce and delicious eating to go is right there if you look hard enough.

Here is where a breakfast meal, lunch snack or dinner experience is possible with healthy takeaway in Pyrmont.

Situated right on the Harbour and close by to the Sydney Fish Market and fruit and vegetable grocery outlets, you and your guests can enjoy an experience that is wholesome, tantilising and satisfies those cravings without compromising on fattening and saturated menu items.


Do Some Pre-Planning First

Before heading out in the city on foot, bike or in a vehicle, engage in some pre-planning when it comes to healthy takeaway in Pyrmont. Grab the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop and run a check on the nearest outlets and run a gauge of the menu to see if it matches what you need. A few minutes of pre-planning and research will help you create a shortlist and expedite the process, crossing off other restaurants and venues that could appear suitable from the outside looking in, but in reality they will disappoint.


Consider the Portion Size and Ratio

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Instead of double and triple hamburgers that pile on all you can eat, it is worthwhile considering portion size first when it comes to healthy takeaway in Pyrmont. Although you will be getting value for money at some outlets with Chinese, Indian, Persian, Mexican, Italian or Spanish cuisine, it is not necessary to scoff down the whole offering in one sitting. Then there is the matter of ratio, as it is wise not to venture beyond a plate that consists one quarter of protein and carbohydrates and protein against a half of vegetables. If you stick to these principles, you can’t go wrong.


Dip Into Vegetarian Options

vegetarian burgers

Even if you do not consider yourself anything close to a vegetarian because of your inherent love for meat, opting for these types of meals when it comes to healthy takeaway in Pyrmont really does allow you to avoid fats and saturated menu items. In 2019 there is a whole host of meals and snacks that are designed for people of a vegetarian persuasion. From burgers and sausages to meals that are packed with natural nutrients including lentils, beans and tofu, this is not a transition that requires a significant leap of faith. With the right amount of whole grains, legumes and vegetables in this category, it is a tactic that makes sense and produces results for those who are monitoring their weight.


Quiz The Takeaway Outlet

There can be a fine line between harassing staff and taking up too much of their time and being inquisitive about healthy takeaway in Pyrmont. Pose questions to them that are applicable to your lifestyle choices and preferences:

In a majority of cases these establishments in the city will

cater to consumers of all persuasions, so don’t be afraid to make some inquiries and requests. Remember – the customer is always right (to ask questions!).



The consistent them with healthy takeaway in Pyrmont is to apply some common sense and engage a philosophy where anything you order is in moderation. There is nothing that should be consumed in one bulked sitting or regularly across a week (outside of water, fruit and vegetables) and food that is made to go falls into that same category.