The Advantages of Getting Yourself an IT Internship

man coding in his laptop

In the modern world, competition for graduate positions and long-term employment is rapidly on the rise. Even with the necessary qualifications and high levels of academic performance, there is no guarantee that you’ll get that dream job at the end of your degree or training program. Particularly in the field of technology and information software, getting some work experience would be invaluable when that time of the year comes round and all the graduate positions open up.  Having said this, there are so many benefits of getting IT internships beyond just getting some work experience. So, let’s consider some of the notable advantages.


Get some real work experience

One of the most obvious advantages of earning an IT internship is that you can get some valuable experience of an office environment. A lot of employers are reluctant to hire someone without any work experience, purely because they are unsure if they will be a reliable office worker. Unfortunately, this can create a terrible cycle in which graduates are left unemployed because of a lack of experience. Being proactive and putting yourself out there shows great initiative to potential recruiters and can help you greatly in the long term.


Develop your soft skills

Unfortunately, the development of one’s ‘soft skills’ is often absent from a university degree and most training programs. How you interact with clients, colleagues and your overall network can only be improved through hands-on experience like an IT internship. Acquiring those soft skills like compassion, empathy and consideration not only help you find a more permanent job, they can help you succeed in your chosen field.


Understand the field you want to enter

Most of us will change our career direction many times throughout our lives. In fact, many of us will end up in a field we never expected desired. However, being uncertain about your working future is okay. If you are looking into entering the information technology industry, an IT internship could be the best way of getting a taste of the industry. You may find the position or field boring and that is completely fine. If it’s not the right career for you then consider other options. On the other hand, you may find that the work is actually what you hoped for, pushing you to work harder to achieve the ultimate success.


Boost your resume

There is no doubt that tacking an IT internship next to your name is going to greatly boost your resume and CV value. Casual, short-term work will demonstrate to any potential recruiters that you have the necessary workplace skills required to thrive in an office environment. On top of this, having the necessary experience and skills that are specific to your industry can help you assimilate into their work operations and culture with greater ease. In essence, a stronger resume is going to boost your chances of employment in the long-term, particularly when those highly competitive job prospects open up.


A great way to network

The thing about an IT internship is that they are only temporary. You may be lucky enough to be offered a permanent role following the conclusion of your casual role; however, this is not always the case. But just because you don’t get offered a permanent role doesn’t mean the entire endeavour has been pointless. To support your new skills and experience, there’s a good chance you’ll meet other people in the field. You never know, if you impress some of them, you might be offered a position with them in their department, field or company. Being confident and willing to put yourself out there are great networking tips and can help you impress the most important people. Acquiring those connections from your IT internship can be invaluable when you’re in need of a new job or are entering a new industry.


Flexible schedule

Getting an IT internship can also fit in really well with your schedule, particularly if you are unable to commit to full-time work at that time. You may be studying, have another job or have a family, whereby committing to full-time hours is not possible. Finding a paid IT internship could be lucrative in earning some money at times that are flexible for you.


man while working on his laptop


Increase your market value

Without some work experience, there is a good chance that you will be offered less than someone who is doing the same job as you, yet has a greater level of experience. So, if you want to get paid what you believe you are worth, getting involved in an IT internship is a great way of boosting your remuneration potential and salary. On top of salary improvements, you can benefit from increased access to career development initiatives and work your way up the management hierarchy.