Should you try creative writing courses online in Australia?

Should you try creative writing courses online in Australia

You don’t need much else to write something publishable (whether it’s poetry, short stories, novels, memoirs, or non-fiction), other than a lot of paper, a pen, and a large library (either your own or someone else’s). Many highly successful and clever writers, as well as those who are both successful and smart, will openly admit that they have never taken creative writing courses online in Australia.

But after the festival, over a glass of wine in the green room, you’ll realise that even though they haven’t done a formal course, that doesn’t mean they haven’t sought and found what you get from taking creative writing courses online in Australia.

It’s doable on your own

Creative writing courses online Australia

Somehow, despite having a literature degree, they were able to overcome their fear of creating their own material and instead turned all that well-informed reading into their own original work.

Their boldness paid off, as they were able to secure the mentorship of a renowned author.

They were able to locate or establish a writers’ circle that had the ideal balance of academic rigour and mutual support for writers of all experience levels and genres.

They struck gold when an editor or an agency saw potential in their early work and was willing to be patient and serve as a mentor. It’s also feasible to learn a great deal about creative writing without ever having to speak to another human being if you’re well-versed in the printed word. Non-course taking writer may have had the confidence to accept, adapt, or dismiss each piece of writing advise in just the correct way from the how-to-write books. Possibly, they were born with a unique combination of analytical and intuitive abilities, and thus were able to learn everything they needed to know from the books, stories, poetry, and memoirs they read as children.

Because of this, you need to be really lucky in order to succeed, as well as extremely perseverant to keep going in the midst of those moments of luck (not to mention tenacity all the time, as well). You’ll also need self-assurance and/or familial ties to help you make the most of any assistance you receive, as well as tact and self-assurance to know when to pass on it.

Creative writing courses online in Australia can make your path easier

You may become a better writer faster by taking the correct creative writing courses online in Australia.

Decent creative writing courses online in Australia will teach you many things, as this discussion on whether or not creative writing can be taught implies.

It is necessary to read as a writer in order to develop the skills necessary for becoming a writer worth reading; to find and use material in the real world; to discover and develop material within one’s own imagination and self; to improve one’s technical skills and expand one’s toolkit; to endure the ugly duckling stage while technique and intuition are still integrating; to deal with feedback in order to avoid being crushed by criticism or blinded by praise; to produce quality work; and to do all of the above.

In order for creative writing courses online in Australia to be worthwhile, they must also be a place where you may explore and dive deep into your own past as well as the pasts of others, making mistakes and failing. Although the online world makes it more accessible, it’s also a great opportunity to meet other authors and exchange support and information. As a writer, you’ll get all kinds of fantastic support and encouragement from people who don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, but they will also be able to tell you where you’ve succeeded and where you’ve failed, because they know what you’re trying to do.

Another benefit of taking creative writing courses online in Australia that is rarely mentioned is that it might help you gain acceptance from non-writers in your circle of friends and family for the time you spend writing.