How to Identify a Quality Leather Sofa for a Commercial Space

leather sofa

Businesses that wish to purchase a leather sofa can make a quick dash to a local retail outlet and have one delivered the very same day.

The ability to access this type of furniture is not in question.

What is up for debate is the suitability that is required for a commercial space.

Here we will outline some identifying principles and tips to help before you finally decide to purchase a quality leather sofa.

Nature of the Surrounding Décor

The surrounding décor will determine one way or the other whether or not a leather sofa is suited to a commercial space. Rather than being bogged down with which two colours are compatible or not, it is worthwhile outlining if the professional environment is created with cool colours or warm colours. If it is the former then navy blue, new black or a floral green could be appropriate. For the latter there are alternatives with pink, blood red and gold that can accentuate the light exposure into a room. Businesses on the fence who want a clean and simple aesthetic usually opt for neutral tones with cream, white or beige.

Profile of the Brand

There is a very subjective category that emerges when a company decides to invest in a leather sofa for their space. It will revolve around what the brand image is and what types of participants will be using the item. If it is for internal use where public views and perceptions are not factored into the equation, then it is often down to personal preferences and suitability of the manager. If clients, sponsors, couriers or patients will be using the item, then other elements are thrown into the mix. Is the enterprise considered family friendly? Are there time pressures involved? Will individuals be expected to wait for long durations? Is there a need to relax visitors who arrive from long distances? Organisations won’t want to invest in assets that run counter intuitive to their services or their purpose to the community.

Amount of Space

The good news for commercial clients who want to invest in a leather sofa either as a complimentary item or signature centerpiece is that they have options that will work with their space limitations. No two business environments are identical and placing a large design in a modest seating area or vice versa creates logistical headaches and poor optics. From the loveseat that ranges between 60 inches wide to a three-seater of 85 inches in width or a single armchair sofa of 35 inches, there are variations to take advantage of. Carefully consider what the dimensions of the room will be and how many guests or clients will need to use them on any given workday.

Durable Material

Purchasing a leather sofa for an office or practice is not a cheap endeavour. With this being the case, it is vital that the investment work as a long-term value addition rather than a short-term grab simply to suit an aesthetic purpose or to fill some extra seats. If the material manages to stand up to stretching during an inspection of the swatch sample, then a company can rest easy knowing that it will last for years to come. There are varieties of leather that will stand up to this degree of scrutiny, from bonded to full grain, top grain and nubuck.

Signature Leather Markings

In order for a business to settle on a leather sofa that will represent the company well, they need to ensure they have not been sold a fake knock-off. Faux furniture is more common than managers and executives would realise and it is worthwhile running a handful of key assessments to see if it is genuine and authentic. These handcrafted products will include natural grain on the surface where small bumps and grooves create miniature imperfections. Faux furniture on the other hand will feel plastic and synthetic for a smooth surface, but there is an inauthenticity with these fakes that reflects poorly on a business.