How to Hire the Best Solar Panel Supplier

How to Hire the Best Solar Panel Supplier

The need to go green has increased exponentially in the last few years and while people have been installing residential solar solutions for a long time now, there is a new surge in the commercial solar panel supplier sector. More and more organizations are starting to consider making their businesses green by using solar power instead of relying on traditional solutions.

However, solar panels from a supplier are no small investment and if you want to avoid the chance of having all your money wasted, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. The following guide is being provided to help you ask the right questions when hiring a provider so that you get the best solution and the best value for your money.

Check for Previous Experience

This is perhaps the most obvious thing you should be looking for when finding a good solar panel supplier. The right option would be someone who has plenty of experience working on large-scale projects and dealing with all sorts of clients. In the case of government entities, having experience of working with similar organizations is also a big plus as that is what makes the entire process much smoother. Make this a clear requirement if you are going to float a tender for the project.

What Systems Have They Worked With?

Just like their residential counterparts, solar panels also come in a wide range of options and solutions. Being a commercial project, it is your job to do as much research as possible to find out what kind of solutions are available out there. In many cases, your organization might even end up with a preference that they could use to shortlist providers. Ask every candidate that you are considering regarding the systems that they have worked on to see if they have what it takes to install your panels properly. For example, someone who has only done ground mounting might not be the right option if you are considering roof-mounted panels.

Are There Any Industry References Available?

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A great way of hiring the right solar panel supplier is to ask for customer references from the industry. It is not necessary to opt for someone who has specifically worked for your type of organization as a similar application could be present anywhere else. You need to find out whether the work they did has satisfied their previous clients. Talking to a few people can tell you how good a specific provider is at their job. This would also make the entire shortlisting process much quicker and easier.

Payment Options and Financing

Unlike small residential projects, when it comes to installing solar panels, you might need to ask for different payment options and the ability to finance your purchase through different channels. A good provider should have at least a few options to offer as every organization tends to have a unique preference when it comes to paying for different services and products. Some common options include PPA, C-PACE, ZRECs, and leasing. Depending on your preferences, you may even ask a provider if they can offer you your desired payment solution apart from the ones mentioned here.


One thing that you must not forget is to ask for a good warranty. Considering how substantial of an investment you are about to make, you need to protect yourself in the best possible way. Ask the solar panel supplier what kind of warranty they offer and the period for which it is applicable. These can vary a lot so consider each option properly before making any decision. With the information provided here, you can easily purchase solar panels from a supplier for your organization.