How Disability Housing Provides Assistance

group of people on their wheelchairs

The NDIS accommodation has been giving many services to provide help with everyday living for those who need help with daily tasks. Some of the partners that they work with offer support in many fields. One of these is disability housing.

They aim to provide safe accommodation with a range of independence, social and economic support for all that are accessing the services. They allow their residence to make their own choices and will support them to achieve their goals.

Residence of disability housing has access to many partners aimed to support the physical and mentally disabled. This is to provide as much support as possible. The support ranges from cerebral palsy support to mental health support. They can aid you with many services such as seeking work, psychologists, and psychiatrists, help with living with your condition, teaching life skills and many more.

NDIS accommodation offers those with physical and mental disabilities help to obtain suitable accommodation with specialists to assist with daily tasks. Whether it be for showering, cooking, cleaning, therapy or counselling. Anything that you need they will assist as best as they can.

By using the online home locator you can search for suitable accommodation in specific locations or by services they have available. The online service additionally allows for accommodation providers to match the vacancy to eligible persons. It is a complimentary service that you can use without registering if you would like to carry out a general search or register for full user access.



Some of the available services include:

– Support to build a person’s capacity to live independently

– Support to help improve standard living skills

– Help grasping how to manage money

– Help to acquire essential household management

– Learn social and communication skills

Learn behavior management

– Medications delivered to the person’s residence

– Support with personal care

– Help with household maintenance

– Help with daily household chores

All of this is provided in hopes to improve a person’s daily and long-term well-being.

Accommodation services available:

– Social and community houses

– Homelessness accommodation

– Emergency accommodation

– Rental assistance


By connected clients to the proper services, you can improve their lives by the large-scale. It brings independence and confidence reducing anxiety and depression.

Accommodation provided by disability housing service will be modified if needed to suit the needs of the residence. All nurses and carers will possess the proper qualifications ensuring the residents receive the care that they need to enjoy a quality life.

NDIS accommodation provides both single accommodation for persons eligible to live independently with the adequate services and carers available, and they additionally provide Community accommodation, allowing you to live with others who are living with a similar condition as you.

Disability housing is also accepting companies wishing to provide accommodation. It is a great investment to make where you will be aiding those who are in tremendous need of assistance and appreciate all that you are providing for them.


Some of the conditions that they can provide accommodation in assistance with:

  • Autoimmune disorders – rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis
  • Digestive disorders – Crohn’s disease, hepatitis
  • Mental disorders – ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, addiction, PTSD, schizophrenia and psychosis
  • Musculoskeletal impairments – degenerative disc disorder, scoliosis, fibromyalgia
  • Cancer – all types of cancer
  • Neurological disorders – seizures, traumatic brain injury
  • Senses – hearing impaired, vision impaired
  • Respiratory – sleep apnea, asthma


These are some of the conditions that can access accommodation and receive further help. If you believe you are eligible for help or you know someone who may be eligible, give disability housing a call today.