Cool Decoration Ideas Using Custom Printed Helium Balloons

red and white helium balloons

It’s no secret that custom printed helium balloons are a great way to improve your brand’s outreach and promote your campaigns. Using your own personalized designs works a treat for capturing and maintaining the interest of potential customers, and the range of different color and shape options makes the whole experience a lot of fun.

But beyond creating arches and pillars, how do you make your custom printed helium balloons stand out from the rest? We’ve compiled a bunch of awesome and unique decoration ideas for you to use at your next event.


Slip and slide

For something really extravagant that your employees and customers will never forget, load a slip and slide with water-filled custom printed helium balloons. Dive in and enjoy!


Make “baubles”

Turn your orbs into faux-baubles by making them super round and adding metallic ornament toppers. This is a great idea for Christmas events – choose Christmas colours such as red, gold, silver and green for maximum effect.


Add a glow stick

Before inflating your custom printed helium balloons, pop a (ready-to-use) glow stick in each one! Once it’s dark, your colourful orbs will glow and serve as lighting for your event. You could even drop them into the pool. This works great for outdoor, night-time parties.


Turn them into “fruit”

Get creative and turn each sphere into a different kind of fruit. Use yellow orbs for pineapples or bananas, green orbs for melons or grapes, red orbs for apples – you get the picture. Once you’ve done this, string them up and hang them from the ceiling for insta-cool décor.


Hang photos from them

This is a cute idea to use at work parties; tie photographs to the end of a piece of string and fit them onto each sphere. Let them dangle from the ceiling and watch as your employees admire and reminisce over old memories!


Add confetti

If you’re using clear custom printed helium balloons, be sure to put confetti inside each one! This will add a cute, colourful charm to your event, and will hardly cost you anything.


Construct a “tree”

Turn your green spheres into a faux-tree. Use slightly different shades of green to add depth and realism and feel free to add yellow or pink flowers, too!


Attach favours to them

helium balloons

To increase the extent of your business promotion, tie favours to your spheres so that everyone can take one home. Paper bags and noodle boxes work well as party favours; fill them with lollies, chocolates or business merchandise.


Create a metallic, ombre effect

Take black or white custom printed helium balloons and paint half of each one using gold or silver. This creates a stylish, modern appeal which will look great at any event.


Add pom-poms

Simply glue coloured pom-poms onto each sphere and enjoy! However, be wary of accidentally covering up your logo or company design; place the pom-poms around your image rather than on it.


Inflate them to different sizes

For a quirky look, inflate your orbs to varying sizes; have some small, some medium, some large. Then put them on the wall! Bonus points for using different colours – choose a colour scheme to ensure that they match.


Create a car

Impress the kids and adults alike by transforming your colourful orbs into a race car! This looks especially cool at outdoor events and is sure to attract a lot of attention.



There are so many creative possibilities that come with using custom printed helium balloons! Make your next event a stand-out by incorporating one or more of these ideas.