6 Top Brands Of Glass Pipes Australia Edition

Glass pipes Australia edition

There are many brands of Glass pipes Australia can offer you, so you need to know about them. These glass pipes are known as bongs and are generally more portable than other smoke brands.

Bongs are less expensive as you get to purchase them just once, and unlike the other types, you consume cleaner smoke. Glass pipes Australia edition are sizable and can be easily carried around. Once you get a bong, you don’t have to worry about buying another because they are reusable.

In this article, we will be discussing some top brands of bongs you should look out for in Australia. They are:

  • Grav Labs

These brands are made in the USA. They are glass pipes Australia and its smokers value. They are very portable, so you can travel with them. They offer high smoking quality and are easy to clean.

In addition to their high quality, they come in different designs, making them unique.

  • UPC Glass

Until prohibition ceases (UPC), glass brands are very affordable and come in different designs. They are made with thick borosilicate material, and their filtration is top-notch.

These bongs brands are also perfect for travel, and they are broader and deeper than your regular bongs. You will feel no regrets if UPC bongs are purchased.

  • Empire Glassworks

The Empire Glasswork brands are one of a kind. First, they are made with scientific glass material, and each is unique in its design. They are affordable, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking because they are durable. 

Empire brands are made in the USA, and their creative body structures make them different from others. These Glass pipes Australia would love.

  • Genius Pipes

These glass pipes Australia trust when it comes to a smooth experience. Their pipes are made to filter smoke properly, leaving you with the cleanest air. They are easy to clean, and their parts are replaceable.

The Genius brands are new to the market, but they made our list due to their high qualities. In addition to their smooth experience, these bongs are always cool whether in use or not.

  • BoroDirect

This brand is known for its high-quality bongs. They are uniquely crafted, and they come in different colors. BoroDirect offers quality at reasonable prices. 

These glass pipes Australia would love due to their thick borosilicate glass material and wider bowls. The brand offers quality customer service, and they are ready to listen to your complaint anytime.

  • Illadelph Glass

These bongs are relatively expensive, but their quality makes their prices worthwhile. They come in great designs, and their percolation is very peculiar.

These are glass pipes Australia would love to buy because they offer the best performance. Choosing the Illadelph Glass brand would be a smart choice for you.

If you go for any of these brands mentioned, you will have a good experience. They offer you not just quality but also pocket-friendly prices. Use these tips to choose nice glass pipes Australia. See you soon.