Month: October 2021

What To Know When Using A Small Bong

Woman using a small bong

With marijuana legalisation spreading worldwide, seeing small bongs for sale online is becoming more frequent with hemp shops and mainstream sites like Amazon and Redbubble. Usual methods of marijuana consumption are rolled-up paper joints, blunts, pipes and small and large bongs. In addition, marijuana is available in various forms like e-cigarettes, candies, brownies, tablets and …

Why Local Enterprises Need an Updated Timesheet Management System

Woman using a timesheet management software in her laptop

If there are commercial entities who have a timesheet management system on site, they will recognise the benefits of these modules. From accounting and payroll to project management, data tagging and technical support, these protocols should be an all-in-one package that truly delivers for clients. With this being said, there are some brands that become …